Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dollhouse dreams.

Well, I did it. I bought the unfinished wooden dollhouse that's been calling to me for a couple of weeks now. The one asking for $25.00, a not inconsiderable sum for me. It's now in my home (a home within a home!), throroughly inspected by the three resident cats. (It would have been fun to take a picture of a cat face through the tiny windows ... but the camera is on the fritz).

No matter. It's still here, and it's officially mine!

It will, of course, be painted pink. My favorite house color is actually a pale butter yellow, but this one is calling out for pink.

Can't you hear it?


1 comment:

  1. Oh, this is GREAT!! (Sorry for the double exclamation point- I'm an enthusiastic!)...
    I'm dreaming of an unfinished doll house- I own one a friend gave me. I'm trying to fix it, painted it blue (it was yellow) but I'd love to start a new one again.
    Yours is a STEAL- Lucky girl!