Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas 2008: Romantic Homes

One of my must-buy magazines at Christmas (and truth be told, on Valentine's Day too!), Romantic Homes features a very traditional, mostly subdued palette of colors in their pages this year.

A crackling fire says "home" no matter what the season. The garland of greenery on the mantel is the only hint of the holidays, but it does the trick.

I love the photography in this magazine, sometimes it is exquisite.

The contents page is twinkly and inviting. There are few things more cheering at Christmas than glimpses of other peoples' Christmas trees through windows.

This has got to be in the same room as the fireplace ... that inviting chair begs for reading and a hot cuppa by the fire. The wreath is very "Martha"!

The final page of the magazine, which looks to me like a little inspiration board. Romantic Homes has such a genteel way with Old World things, incorporating those motifs and images with new products that nod to the past.

C'est tres bon!

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