Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Does anyone read Vogue for the fashion anymore?

My copy of the January Vogue (US) came in yesterday's mail, and once again I find myself reading it more for the articles than anything else.


Because the editorial fashion pages -- while beautifully photographed -- show some of the ugliest and most unwearable clothes and shoes I've seen in a long, long time.

I realize there's a disconnect between runway and reality.  I get that.  And while my (fantasy) sartorial tastes definitely skew towards the feminine, I find so little in these pages that says "I'm glad to have a female figure".  I don't mind pants per se -- I think pants are fine -- but these size zero models in shapeless pants and blocky, monochrome colors ... ugh.

Just ugh!

Maybe this is just a "dud" issue.  Even Vogue has some of those.  I ran through the whole thing in the hour before bed and it didn't thrill me much, although the fragrance insert for the new Chanel Blue (for men) did bring on some temporary delirium.  I love a good man's fragrance, there are few things more appealing than that about a man when he's wearing the right one.

Anyway -- just my two cents -- I feel like I'm standing up and saying the emperor has no clothes.  Or the emperor is wearing UGLY clothes.  Someone's got to say it!

The interview with Natalie Portman was good, and worth the (quick) read.  I liked the focus there on creative women in the film industry.   Could've done without the "it girls" section, though I have to confess that any tidbits whatsoever about Charlotte Dellal make me swoon.

I just love that girl, in a girl crush sort of way. 

Vogue has been nagging at me to renew my subscription, and let's face it:  I am going to buy the thing at the newsstand anyway, so I may as well save myself some money and renew.  I pay the price of three issues for the entire year that way, and get those perfumed glossies delivered to my humble mailbox twelve times a year ... we all make our little deals with the devil, yes?


  1. I am sooo with you! A big smile from me!

  2. Thank goodness ... I knew I wasn't crazy, or alone, in my opinion.

    I got a "professional subscription rate" offer from Elle magazine in the mail today. For a full year, $5.99. Is there any way I could resist that?


    The sight, smell and feel of a new glossy in my mailbox is always a treat I savor. Even if I have to look past the sometimes ridiculous fashions.