Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Came, I Saw, I Blogged It!

Well, I've been threatening to do it for a long while now. Start another (yes another) blog.

So I did. I mean, I ACTUALLY set it up on Wordpress (I'm learning -- boy howdy it's pretty easy!) and have blogged. Once. One post, so far, on The Picture of PrettyIf you care to view it (I'd say read but it's mostly pictures), it's here:

I don't know quite what the future of Buttercup Bungalow is. Nor can I predict what this new blog will (or won't) be. I only know that I have more energy and ideas that I can confine to a single blog. Or two blogs, apparently. I suspect that Buttercup Bungalow isn't going anywhere soon, though it may lie fallow for a while. Wouldn't be the first time. 

Then again, in a month, I could be so tired and brain fogged that I can barely get my primary blog done (The Daily Corgi), but let's just do today. For sanity's sake, stay in the day. It's worth a shot. 

It is good to have more creative energy than I know what to do with. Sometimes it just goes that way. The depression and relentless anxiety clear away enough to permit me room to DO, to MAKE, to spend my time doing something other than just BEING. Maybe the longer days and arrival of Spring have something to do with it? It certainly isn't working against me, after the long New England winter!

Can't wait to see the first flower or blade of grass. It's been a brutal one here.

Happy Spring! Happy new things! Yay!

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