Friday, June 17, 2011

Pink and green and grown up?

Every now and then I find myself leaning green.  Not green as in "eco-friendly" (though I do have a conscience about that stuff), but incorporating green into my home decor scheme.

Not that I actually HAVE a current, cohesive scheme.  My apartment walls are painted partly pale pink.  That project stalled months ago, and I keep telling myself that with the warmer weather I will get back to it ... I truly will!

The question is this:  what will I DO with that pink to make sure it's crisp and feminine but not little-girl or candy-sweet?

The color is a sophisiticated pink, but with pink walls one has to be careful.

On the other hand, I once read where the editor of House Beautiful called it a "new neutral". 

These rooms give me hope that I can weave in other colors and make this pink work for me.   I'm especially keen on the rose/berry/lavender hues, all of which mesh well with green.

Just not TOO MUCH green. 

Know what I mean?

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