Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Interior Inspiration: pink loves white!

The office / crafty space part of my apartment is still but a dream (I have to finish painting the darn living room first), but like the rest of the apartment I have designs on it!

These photos (well, except for the last one) reflect what I want to have around me in my home, and especially workspace:  lots of white furniture and pale pinks.

And clutter.  Controlled clutter, but clutter because I've accepted that this is who I am.  A clutterer!

from the mag/book Where Women Create (stampington.com)

via Where Women Create (stampington.com)

studio of fabric and lifestyle designer Heather Bailey

Spied this over at Beansie Babbles, as part of a Harry Potter meets Pink Saturday effort.

While I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan and have no idea who Dolores Umbridge is (other than a character in the books), I like this and think it's cheeky.


  1. Well, this lady is a real meanie. But all in pink.. :") Which is great - though the kitty dishes are not really my cup of tea.. ;")

  2. So is Dolores a nasty witch? This might explain the cat dishes, as they are commonly the "familiars" of witchy types.

    Which is patently unfair, which I can attest to.

    If those were dog plates, they'd be perfect. Not for HER maybe, but perfect.


    A Dog Lover (who also likes cats)

  3. Love the Heather Bailey studio--the green/blue dresser turned island is a lovely contrast with all the pink and white. Might have to copy this one!