Saturday, August 7, 2010

Style Crush: Emma Pillsbury of Glee!

I love vintage.

So, apparently, does whoever it is that dresses the Emma Pillsbury character on the uber-fun and original television show Glee.

Sweater ties, cardigans, pencil skirts, bows, jewelry straight from your grandmother's old stash.  Very, very cute and unabashedly feminine, which suits our doe-eyed guidance counselor perfectly.

I just really like it when females dress like females, as throwback and "un-PC" as that may be.  I mean, we're women ... our wardrobe is so much more fun than what men get to wear.  Why not have fun and play it up?

I think playful is a great word for what Emma Pillsbury's wardobe is.  Unless  your idea of playful is leather and biker boots. 

In which case, not so much ...

Check out "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?", a blog dedicated exclusively to Emma's sartorial adventures.

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