Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why blog?

I don't do it very often, but every now and then I ponder why it is I'm doing this blog. 

I mean, I obviously can't seriously compete (nor do I wish to) with the blogs of the real design hounds: decor8, apartmentherapy,the sartorialist, etc.  I'm not setting any trends, or chronicling trends, or even predicting them.

Truth is, trendy has begun to annoy me, in my (gasp!) early middle age.  Contemporary trends in design, by and large, tend to leave me cold -- as does the overly overnate.  I like a contemporary twist on traditional, but entirely modern almost never appeals to emotionally -- strictly "above the neck".  I can't warm to it.

I think a lot of what passes for women's fashion nowadays is ugly or unflattering. I think women are encouraged to show too much skin (I'm conservative that way!) I also think that if you're going to err in dressing, you should err on the side of demure.

Best I can tell, my design point of view is somehow "preppy".  Conservative and feminine without a ton of frills.  Playful.  But why should I have to pin it down? I can't be boxed in. 


I love color, design, print, artfulness ... I just know what I like when I see it.  And maybe that's why I continue to blog here.  Because I have to say and show what it is I like.  Having a place to "put it".  Kind of like a virtual, running mood board.

I like to write here sometimes, but I'm not here to chronicle my life.  I'm much too private for that. 

Have I answered my own question?

I think so.

I blog for myself, ironically in a public forum. 

If I'm not, then who am I doing it for?

I blog because I enjoy it. 

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