Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good gear.

Although there is no doubt I'd look like a bloated lemon bursting at the seams in this J. Crew jacket, I really like it. Could be because it snowed here today in the greater Boston area -- BEFORE HALLOWEEN, which is just plain wrong -- and I need a shot of color in the midst of this sea of gray and white.

The fall colors are still on the trees but somehow they don't look quite as nice with a layer of snow icing.

I would argue, though, that I like this jacket because a) it's kind of boyish in an Audrey-Hepburn/gamine way, b) it's like a world-gone-slightly-mad version of the peacoat (beautiful but a bit boring), and c) it's a color that would gamely stand up to the worst weather New England can hand out.

Which frankly, can be pretty bad.

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