Saturday, October 4, 2008


It's officially Fall!

I know it not just because the air has (finally) cooled off and the calendar said so, but because my nesting instincts are kicking in something fierce.

It has been many months since I did any knitting (and I'm a rank beginner there). But at night when I have to close the windows to stay warm and that second blanket is suddenly not just nice but necessary, my mind wanders to that blanket I've got going. Well, all 10-so-far squares of it anyway ...

And I am thinking of cups of tea, after all the months of iced coffees in those nasty plastic cups. Cups of tea, which means -- of course -- the sugar bowl and the creamer, the clink of a spoon against china. Even if it's just for myself, it's a sweet and simple ritual.

Although my "pattern" is Queen's Rosina Hooker's Fruit, specifically in the black cherries and plums, I have always been enamored of the Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec, Poland I so often see remaindered in the off-price department stores. It's heavy, lots of blue, and not generally my style, but I found myself giving in the other day and purchasing the cutest sugar bowl. It was practically a giveaway at $4.50.

See the little bird finial on the lid? And those two handles, and that graceful shape? I had no choice, it practically leapt into my hands.

Hello, Fall. It's been too long.

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