Thursday, July 23, 2009

etsy joy: sweeter feet!

One of the happiest things I can think of is baby feet. Fresh-from-heaven, dew-kissed baby feet. Pudgy, perfect, piggly-toed, powdered baby feet. The only thing better than baby feet is baby shoes.

Yesterday I saw a bare-footed baby on the bus so naturally when I got home it was time to goggle at some baby shoes! Etsy has some of the best ones I've seen anywhere.

Clockwise from top left: Chocolate and Strawberries Maryjane, Cherry Blossom Maryjane, Simple Organic Loafer, Robot Canvas Loafer.

I sometimes wander (OK, I go on purpose) over to the baby shoe area in department stores. Just to look. I've got no babies to buy for, I'm just perusing for pleasure. Maybe I should find some babies to buy for?

Still more etsy goodness, by smallbeans:

Clockwise from top left: Cherry Cupcake, Apple Green, Addison.

Finally, these wee wonders from etsy's littlejumpingbeans:

Clockwise, from top left: Happy Sprockets, Now I Know My ABC's, The Big Apple.


  1. Those are ADORABLE! I am so excited you found those because my best friend is going to have her fourth child in a few months and those will make a perfect gift! Yay!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. I personally have purchased 2 pairs of shoes from and they are AMAZING!! I love them, very well made and they fit so nicely on her feet! I have always had problems getting the leather ones on because she always balls up her foot...the ones from littlejumpingbeans fit perfect every time!