Monday, July 5, 2010

I am craving color.

I've been in my new place now for just over seven months (a small one bedroom apartment that I share with my cat), and the lack of color in here has finally, fully got to me.

I want to rip bright, glossy pages right out of my stack of magazines and line my walls with them -- RIGHT NOW!

I look through the Garnet Hill catalog and lust for Lilly Pullitzer bed linens and shower curtains -- RIGHT NOW!

I look at these blah-ivory walls, these beige linoleum floors (which cover the entire area) , my beige recliner (now interestingly stained with Crystal Light spills) and I want to change it all -- RIGHT NOW!

Where are the reds and the pinks and the duck egg blues and the 40's greens?  When did I get so conservative and give up?  I had such plans for this bachelorette-again pad.

Lots of plans, not a lot of money, but I don't think that should stand in the way if you are a creative person.  I like to consider myself a creative person.  So what happened? 

I've got some very vaguely Shabby Chic bedding, which no longer sings to me.  I want brights.  I don't want to look a twenty year-old tweedy brown plaid love seat anymore ... should I get a cherry red quilt and toss it on?

Where to start, where to start?

I love SO many different styles of interiors, though they all can be described with a few of the same words:  romantic (not necessarily the ruffles and lace kind ... in fact, definitely not that kind), retro (though not all eras -- mid-century leaves me cold, and much of the 70's with its orange and gold and deadened greens depresses me) ... I like cheerful, not necessarily childlike ... granny chic is good, but I think I went too much with that when I moved in here.  Granny chic and country but not a lot of color, and too damn much dull blue.

I'm SO not a dull blue person. 

OK, well ... this whine has got to stop post-haste.  I am going to get out my magazines and start tearing out pages, making mood boards out of my walls.  There's no one here to complain about it, just myself to enjoy it.

Feel free to comment, leave opinions, suggestions, whatever!

'til next time ...


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