Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedgwood Barbie

I'm not a Barbie collector per se (what is the number of Barbies one has to have in order to meet the requirement?), but I do love pretty clothes, dolls, and well made things.

I also appreciate Wedgwood's Jasperware.  So, apparently, does Barbie!

Released about ten years ago, this series of Wedgwood-themed Barbies pays homage to the Wedgwood lineage.

Her outfits -- replete with gloves and an actual Wedgwood cameo choker -- reflect the feminine ideal of dress, circa London in the late 1700's.

Well ... I am saving my pennies, dimes and occasional dollar. 

Do I need an excuse to buy these dolls, other than the fact that I find them delightful and to do so would make me happy?

I am currently bidding on another Barbie (hello, ebay!), one I saw back in the late 1990's and fell in love with.  If I win her, she'll show up here.

Wish me luck! 

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