Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nie Nie! My new apartment! Lonny on-line decor mag! Here, kitty kitty! Pink, pink and pink!

Have you ever read The Nie Nie Dialogues?

Very inspiring. Nie Nie was apparently on the Today show yesterday morning. I haven't seen it yet but I'm going to look for it on youtube.
A good blog to read to be reminded of the simple fact that Life itself is something to be thankful for.

OK, it's finally happened ... I have my own apartment again. Well, I ought to say for the first time in my life, because although I did have a cute little studio apartment way back in 2000, I have never had a whole apartment with a separate bedroom all to myself. Living in the Northeast, where rents are ridiculous, you either have a friend, roommate or a husband to halve the rent with ... but I now have the keys to my own little lily pad.

Have you seen the on-line magazine Lonny? Click on the image to visit!


When I start thinking about decorating and making a "nest", my mind always turns to pink-ness. Almost always. And if I'm having a stressful time (today turned out to be that with a capital S), I need the loveliness even more.

My best friend and I were ambushed by the most adorable kitten today in the parking lot of our building. A light Tortie with a dark stripe down her nose. Super friendly. Talking, talking, talking. Well, between my friend and I we've got three cats so ... this little feline picked the right people. We were on our way to do grocery shopping but the whole thing got waylaid by this beautiful little animal. We couldn't just leave here there!


So we went knocking on every door of the building asking if anybody had lost her. No luck. We brought her next door to our vet's and they agreed to keep and feed her for a couple of hours while we went shopping (they're real nice people at this vet's office). While I was waiting in the check-out line at the market, I got on the phone with another Very Nice Person who runs a local no-kill cat welfare organization and talked with her about options. Foster homes are a possibility 'til we can track down the owner or ... if nobody comes forward, 'til she finds a permanent home.
Long story short (well it's already kind of long ... )
The vet's office has a "stray fund" (and all of a sudden I felt great about having given to it myself a time or two, oh boy it's a Godsend) and they agreed to board and feed Pumpkin (yes, we named her Pumpkin because it's Thanksgiving Eve) through the holiday weekend at no cost to us. All present agreed that she is probably about 8 months old and straight out of Cuteville.
SO ... I have been reminded that there are good people to be thankful for, and that's my gratefulness for this year's holiday. I'm grateful that other people thought it was as important as I do to take care of an animal all alone on its own, young and hungry.

I can't save the world, some days I can hardly get myself out of bed, but I can make a difference in my own small way. It will matter a lot to her family, once they are (hopefully) re-united. And if she was simply "let go"? Well ... whoever is fortunate enough to welcome her into their lives will be glad that somebody cared enough to listen to those tiny meowzers on one drizzly Thanksgiving Eve!

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And that's all she wrote. My sugar high is turning rapidly into a sugar crash.
Gobble, gobble all ...


  1. Well, I'm very excited about your new apartment. So sweet of you to rescue a lost little kitty. You will be blessed. Have a great day! Twyla

  2. Bravo to you for helping save that lovely little kitten!

    And thank you for the adorable pink cupcake-filled kitchen pic.