Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pretty in pink.

I'm kicking myself for not having bought more of the pieces from the Rosie B. Farmer Songbird pattern before it was retired. At one time I had the pink teapot, then foolishly sold it. Oh, my kingdom for a do-over on that one! For now I'm buying whatever pieces my lean budget will allow for. Ebay is great but can you really find a bargain there anymore? It's getting much harder. I scooped this pink Songbird creamer yesterday, but even with shipping it was about $20. Twenty dollars can buy a lot of groceries (well, I suppose that depends upon how you define "enough"!)

So was it worth the money? I'll let you know when it's sitting in my hutch, unapologetically sweet and pink for all the world (or just my company) to see. In other words: yes, it was worth it. Not because the acquistion of "stuff" makes life better, but because it is OK -- more than OK -- to beautify your environment in a way that sings to the truest places in your heart.

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