Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hearts and flowers.

Hey, I've designed my first-ever bracelet!

My best friend has oodles of jewely making stuff, primarily beads. She's got all the tools and supplies necessary to make this stuff, and I sat down with all the colors this morning hoping to make just the sort of thing I'd love to find in a store but can never seem to. I'm fond of purple and green together (yes, there's something else in my palette besides pink -- witness my my entry a few posts back re: the plaque I made. Definitely some green and purple happening there). And any kind of flower motif I'm almost guaranteed to like. This one looks like a pansy or daisy type. This bracelet is probably going to become a necklace at some point, because the purple heart pieces are frankly just too large for this bracelet and they're heavy enough that they jut at funny, sort of daggery-looking points. This wouldn't happen if they were sitting flat just below the collarbones. I don't like necklaces too long, they draw attention down towards the early-middle-aged puffy bits. Which are more droop than puff, but hey -- they body's taken me to this point. It's doing something right.

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