Friday, July 6, 2012

Where oh where have I been?

It's already early July ... how did that happen?  

Since my last blog post here, I've been working feverishly on my main blog.  I've abandoned my well-intentioned blog The Picture of Pretty because there's just not enough time.  I started walking, lost some more weight, got into a brief but fairly tempestuous relationship with a handsome foreign-born man (oooh heartache, you are a stern taskmaster) ... in other words, I've been living my life and times just goes by.

I've paid scant attention to the aesthetic aspects of my life, and I miss that.  I broke out a new set of sheets today (very Shabby Chic) -- white, pink roses, countryside pretty -- and got inspired by them.  There's so much I still want to do with this odd shaped, cookie-cutter apartment. 

I also went blond(ish), and am convinced anew that God made a mistake.  That he should have finished the job before I popped out of the oven;  born with frosted hair I was, when I should've been blonde.  Are you there God?  If you're listening, it's time for a little miracle.

Hope your Summer is progressing nicely and that you've been bringing beauty into your days on a regular basis.  Because guess what -- if we don't do it for ourselves, nobody else will!

1 comment:

  1. It is so wonderful to see you are posting here again, Laurie. I, for one, have missed the loveliness you bring to the blog world. I love the colours and summery flowers of that cover, above.

    Ooh, tempestuousness brewing in life... That just means you are truly *living* my dear! Bravo.

    Sending warm hugs and beautiful thoughts your way.