Thursday, January 5, 2012

I love my cat. Her body is frail but her spirit is strong ...

My Kitten Girl is sixteen.  She is battling thyroid imbalance, arthritis and (just recently) the probable beginnings of renal failure.  I have had her since she was a baby.  In the past few days I was convinced she was on her last legs, but she's shown signs of improvement.  I don't consider her out of the woods yet, and even if she is, I'm too sobered to trust any improvement yet.

Never lost an animal to old age before, or anything really except divorce.  That was hard enough.  I wonder sometimes if I'm going to make it through this intact.  She is dearer to me than any other being in my daily life (dearer than most any at all), has been with me through some tumultuous years, and never once treated me with anything less than gentleness.  (Other cats?  Fair game for the claws.  Mom?  Just love and occasional mischief).

Please pray for me and for my cat.  I am so disspirited right now that I'm not even sure prayer will make a difference, but I don't think it can hurt.  Just knowing that other people are thinking of  us will mean a great deal.

This is far more difficult than I ever thought it would be, the prospect of saying goodbye.  Far, far harder.  People tell me I'm strong, but I feel so weak.


  1. I understand your dispair...I am thinking of prayers are with you and your kitten girl!

  2. I am thinking of you and your sweet, sweet little cat. We love them so much and yes, how to put into words? Warm thoughts from Montreal.