Saturday, September 4, 2010

Parisian ambiance: apero at Pershing Hall.

Photos from boutique hotel Pershing Hall (glorious website experience!)

Read here about the art of the apero in France.  I suppose it's the equivalent of the American happy hour, though the vibe is different there. 

More eye candy:  the vertical garden in the restaurant at the Pershing Hotel:


Even more so, as night falls ...

"Pershing Hall is no doubt the work of artists, and first and foremost it is the work of architect Andrée Putman, who signs her very first hotel and restaurant in Paris, revealed behind an elegant 19th century façade, in the heart of Paris’ Golden Triangle, only a few minutes away from the Champs Elysées.

This place is a gem of design and modernity, fascinating for the eyes starting in the entrance hall, bathing in changing rays of light... If you go on further, you will be dazed by a fantastic vertical garden, where 300 different sorts of plants and flowers are to be found, a Patrick Blanc creation. Everything here is relaxing, from the spare style of the furniture to the music."

I'm not normally a fan of modernity in design, but when it is fused in a complementary way with classical elements, it can be absolutely wonderful.  I think this is a fine example of that marriage!

I am in a VERY armchair-travel-y mode this morning.


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