Saturday, December 5, 2009

That Girl!

I saw Marlo Thomas on a TV talk show this week and she's still got that ingenue thing happening. Some people never seem to lose that youthful glow (though who can be sure how much of that is -- at the very least -- cosmecutical intervention?)

I have hazy memories of That Girl in (probably) syndication. She really stood out for me as a different kind of female character on TV. Even as a little girl, I knew that she was different, though I could not know then that she was quite modern for the times. A girl 'alone' in the city (though of course her boyfriend Ted was always there just in case). Looking back, I consider her the original Sex In The City girl (though you could argue that Doris Day had already locked that one in) ... in either case, there was definitely NO Sex happening in that city.

Although I have a terrible head for hats (too big), I am tickled by the whole hat and glove thing. Even in this era, to be well and properly dressed meant you had a hat and gloves. I like the crisp, simple elegance of that. Of course, you could also argue convincingly that she looked like a stewardess (in the days before they called them flight attendants), but what's so bad about looking like a stewardess? Nothing that I can see. It's sharp and on-the-ball. Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrated this quite ably in her all-too-ignored comedic flick "View From The Top", in which she goes from a spandex-clad, gum-chewing neophyte to a sophisticated professional in the course of less than two hours. And of course, in her final incarnation, she wore a hat.

Madame Alexander's version. Cute.

Do they even make paper dolls nowadays, or is it all just repros of old ones? Not that I don't love repro. I have a few Shirley Temple repro books and would love to have the Doris Day ones too. Did you ever notice that Bonnie Hunt has a Doris Day paper dolls book on her set?

That's so Bonnie. I adore Bonnie.


  1. I always liked Marlo. I never saw this show. My mom has talked about it quite often over the years. Cheers!

  2. I loved That Girl! It was my favorite show when I was little. I thought Marlo was so cute and so funny. I have the first season of That Girl on DVD and Lindsey has the That Girl Barbie. Twyla